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Financial Planning Service

FCA is a full service financial planning firm providing personalized financial and investment management strategies. Our belief is that investment management starts with understanding the goals of our clients. Before investment decisions can be made, we step our clients through the proper steps in developing a financial plan.

- Risk Management

  • Assessment of your existing Risk Managament policies.
  • Advice on term insurance, endowment and whole of life assurance.
  • Income protection/replacement strategies.
  • Business expenses insurance and buy/sell insurance.

- Investment Strategies

  • Retirement and estate planning.
  • Advice on asset allocation between fixed interest, property and shares including derivatives, both
  • direct and via managed funds.
  • Construction of long term diversified and appropriately weighted share portfolios.
  • Advice and research on all managed funds and direct shares.

- Effective Full Service Share broking Operation

  • Direct access to live share prices, company reports, charting and research.
  • Share broker research is available on all listed shares.
  • Direct computer link to instantly transact buy/sell orders on behalf of our clients.
  • State of the art computer system automatically updates and monitors share portfolios.
  • Instantaneous computerised portfolio valuations and weighted sector analyses.
  • Portfolio Review Service which includes continuous monitoring, written reviews, capital and income
  • recording for taxation purposes.

- Fixed Interest

  • Advice on term deposits
  • Direct dealing in Government and semi-Government bonds and debentures.
  • Advice/dealing in income securities, capital notes, convertible notes and converting preference shares.

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